StopOtags Anti-graffiti cleaner

Market Developments

In order to meet the requirements of local authorities, we have created biosourced cleaners and protection products that meet all French and European standards.

Exterior anti-graffiti cleaner for walls and facades

StopOtags cleaner is the radical solution to remove the graffiti that marks the walls and facades of our cities. It is highly efficient to remove all graffiti made with solvent- or aqueous-based paint, ink or felt markers. It is active on most of the materials used in our buildings: concrete, wood, brick, metal, stone, PVC and glass.
It has an extremely low environmental impact. StopOtags is solvent- and chlorine-free and does not deteriorate the substrate.
Extremely simple to use, it can be applied through a roller or gun or brush and provides maximum efficiency in less than 15 minutes.
Apply for outdoors through a roller on strip rough substrates: concrete, wood, brick, rendering, metals, stone, PVC and glass. Cleans dirty surfaces soiled by paint-based graffiti (acrylic or oil-based), inks and varnishes.
Lightly gelled liquid varnish ready for use; Density: 1.00; Colourless; Available in 1- and 5-litre pots; Storage: 12 months in its unopened original packaging.
Mix the product well before application. Apply with a roller or brush. Apply a single thick coat. Leave for 15 minutes to 1 hour and then wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with water. Yields approximately 300 g/m2, depending on the nature of the substrate and the method of application. The temperature of the substrate must be between 5 °C and 30 °C for optimum performance.
Avoid application on substrates such as marble, rubber and plastics. Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Wear eye and face protection. Do not eat or drink while dealing with this. In case of splashing, rinse with water.
Dump the residues in a waste treatment centre.
A non-chlorinated aqueous solution, 100% bio-based for its active part. Non-flammable. Contains no organic solvents, acid or soda. Max. VOC <0.1 g/L.